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About Lisa


Lisa is inspired to put her best self forward & to show women to do the same. It is her desire to encourage women to dress with love and beauty-starting from the inside-out. It is important that we as women, stand confidently in knowing that you can exhibit a unique & fierce look, and still be virtuous.

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."

- 1 Thessalonians 5:11-

Lisa is a devoted Christian and wife of a Pastor, raising two young boys. She believes that as a leader in the community & leading lady, she has a responsibility and desire to help others spiritually, emotionally and physically in Jesus name. 


After marrying a pastor in 2012, Lisa was often critiqued on making sure she dressed like a “Pastor’s Wife.” She fell into the mode for a little while, until one day she realized the traditional norm of how a Pastor’s wife should dress wasn’t necessarily her style. She began to form her own style of dress to reflect a chic, modern and edgy but sophisticated woman of God, without ever compromising her character.


In 2016, Lisa decided to embark on the journey of becoming a clothing boutique business owner. She continually generates an inventory of trendy & timeless pieces that offered the versatility of style with vast options to dress up or down - enabling you to turn any piece into “Your Own Style.” She stands confidently in knowing that you can exhibit a unique and fierce look, and still be virtuous.


Since beginning her journey, Lisa has been successful with hosting a vast number of fashion shows and vending at events. It’s All God by Lisa prays you enjoy your shopping experience.  


-Lisa Williams

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